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There are currently 7 terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cancel and Replace
Cancel and replace purchase orders are required when a current or previous purchase order cannot be modified or re-opened due to a variety of reasons.

The Banner finance accounting string consisting of chart, fund, organization, account, program, activity, and location. Chart, fund, organization, account, and program are the required segments to record a financial transaction.

Chief Procurement Officer
Any of the four persons appointed or approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Ethics Commission. The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) exercises independent procurement authority under the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500). While retaining procurement authority, the CPO exercises this authority through independent State Purchasing Officers (SPOs) who report to the CPO.

Click-Through Terms/Agreements
Contracts may be part of the online installation process and often require the end-user to click an "OK," "Agree," or "Accept" button in order to move forward with the installation before the user can access the platform. They are commonly used in connection with software or web-based platform licenses.

Comptroller Delegate
The Comptroller may delegate contract execution authority. Delegates who sign contracts on behalf of the Comptroller must have express authority to do so. Comptroller delegates are responsible for ensuring all required approvals are received and appropriate legal review is complete, before affixing the Comptroller’s signature to a contract.

A written agreement, fully executed (signed by all parties), containing an offer and acceptance for consideration.

Contracts+ is the University of Illinois System's new contract drafting and management system. It replaces iCS and routing of contract approval routing forms (CARF’s) and serves as a single contract repository for all University of Illinois System contracts. It is a new, fully robust contracting system that is integrated with our other procure to pay systems and modules.