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After the Fact
After the Fact is completed in iBuy once a good or service has been received prior to purchase order issuance. After the Fact does not always mean it is non-conforming if there is an award, sole source, exemption, emergency, or existing contract in place.

Amendment/Change Order
A written modification to a contract or purchase order or other agreements.

A packaged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product that includes Student Administration, Human Resources, and Finance functionality. It forms the core of the UI-Integrate system.

Business Enterprise Program (BEP)
State of Illinois Program for businesses owned by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities which is committed to fostering an inclusive and competitive business environment that will help business enterprises increase their capacity, grow revenue, and enhance credentials.

University staff knowledgeable in the procurement of goods and services.

Cancel and Replace
Cancel and replace purchase orders are required when a current or previous purchase order cannot be modified or re-opened due to a variety of reasons.

The Banner finance accounting string consisting of chart, fund, organization, account, program, activity, and location. Chart, fund, organization, account, and program are the required segments to record a financial transaction.

Chief Procurement Officer
Any of the four persons appointed or approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Ethics Commission. The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) exercises independent procurement authority under the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500). While retaining procurement authority, the CPO exercises this authority through independent State Purchasing Officers (SPOs) who report to the CPO.

Click-Through Terms/Agreements
Contracts may be part of the online installation process and often require the end-user to click an "OK," "Agree," or "Accept" button in order to move forward with the installation before the user can access the platform. They are commonly used in connection with software or web-based platform licenses.

Comptroller Delegate
The Comptroller may delegate contract execution authority. Delegates who sign contracts on behalf of the Comptroller must have express authority to do so. Comptroller delegates are responsible for ensuring all required approvals are received and appropriate legal review is complete, before affixing the Comptroller’s signature to a contract.

A written agreement, fully executed (signed by all parties), containing an offer and acceptance for consideration.

Contracts+ is the University of Illinois System's new contract drafting and management system. It replaces iCS and routing of contract approval routing forms (CARF’s) and serves as a single contract repository for all University of Illinois System contracts. It is a new, fully robust contracting system that is integrated with our other procure to pay systems and modules.

Data Use/Data Sharing Agreements
A type of material transfer contract that specifically deal with the transfer of information.

Delivery Terms
Conditions in a contract relating to freight charges, place of delivery, time of delivery or method of transportation.

Emergency Procurement
A purchase made following a special purchasing procedure in order to obtain goods or services quickly to meet an emergency. These items are defined as necessary to continue the instructional process and/or maintain a safe operational environment, the loss of which would create a situation which would adversely and unduly affect the safety, health, or comfort of building, occupants or otherwise cause a loss to the institution.

A contracted obligation of available budget.

Financial Disclosures and Conflict of Interest Form
Vendor form required for purchases exceeding $100,000 and purchases that may have a potential conflict of interest.
Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest Form
Financial Disclosures and Conflict of Interest Review Checklist

Web-based ordering tool that provides the University of Illinois system with the most streamlined, cost effective way to place orders with suppliers. End-users have the ability to create requisitions for a range of items: from pens and keyboards to custom servers and furniture orders.

Invitation for Bid (IFB)
This term is used when you know the details, require a specific set of specifications and the estimated budget is $100,000 or greater. A formal method of solicitation whereby suppliers are requested to submit a bid for the provision of goods. Price is the main factor for award. An IFB must be “open” for a minimum of 14 days. It will be issued by Purchasing and posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Higher Education website. To start a solicitation please use the following form:
UIUC Solicitation Information Form

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
A memorandum of understanding is an agreement between two or more parties outlined in a formal document. It is not legally binding but signals the willingness of the parties to move forward with a contract. MOU's must follow the same process as other contracts and shall be signed by a Comptroller delegate.

No Fund Agreements
Could be any type of contract that involves no transfer of funds between the two parties.

A Non-Conforming order is one in which the request for the contract and/or Purchase Order is submitted to Purchasing after the receipt of goods or services by the end-user. As a state agency, the University must comply with the requirements of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500) and University procurement policies and procedures. Accordingly, these laws and policies require a fully executed contract and/or Purchase Order in advance of goods and services being provided. Non-conforming requests will always be considered After the Fact in iBuy. Vendor Release Form

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
Also known as Confidentiality Agreements, outline confidential material, knowledge, or information that two parties wish to share in order to conduct business with one another. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of non-public business information from third-party access.

Procurement Policy Board
An agency of the State of Illinois with the authority and responsibility to review, comment upon and recommend, consistent with the Code, rules, and practices governing the procurement, management, control, and disposal of supplies, services, professional or artistic services, construction and real property and capital improvement leases procured by the University.

An offer made by one party to another as a basis for negotiations for entering into a contract; the response to a Request for Proposal.

Purchase Order
A purchase order is a legal document used by the university, authorizing a supplier to provide a product or service to the institution. It is a type of contract. The document used to formalize a purchase transaction with a vendor. A purchase order, when given to a vendor, may contain statements as to the quantity, description, and price of the goods or services ordered; agreed terms as to payment, discounts, date of performance, transportation terms, and all other agreements pertinent to the purchase and its execution by the vendor.

A statement of price, terms of sale, and description of goods or services offered by a vendor to a prospective purchaser.

Orders renewed on an annual basis.

Request for Proposal (RFP)
This term is used when you have a concept with a set of specifications or needs for consideration. A formal method of solicitation where prospective suppliers are requested to submit a proposal for the provision of goods, works, or services, based on the specifications, scope of work, or terms of reference included in the solicitation documents. Normally used in cases where the requirements are complex; cannot be clearly or completely specified, where detailed technical evaluations are to be performed, and/or where pricing or cost may not be the sole basis of award. Price is not the main factor for award. It will be issued by Purchasing and posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Higher Education website. To start a solicitation fill out the following form:
UIUC Solicitation Information Form

Formal requests submitted by departments for supplies, equipment, or services. It is not an order and is not valid off campus.

University staff responsible for obtaining quote documentation and entering requisition in procurement system.

Small Purchase Threshold Limits
The small purchase limits for procurements under the authority of the CPO for Higher Education are set by statute as modified by 44 Ill. Admin. Code 4.2020: - Supplies & Services: not exceeding $100,000 - Construction: not exceeding $100,000 - Professional and Artistic Services: not exceeding $100,000 (term must not exceed one year and may not be renewed) - Architect / Engineering / Land Surveying: less than $25,000 - Real Property and Capital Improvement Leases: less than $100,000 (per year and must also be less than 10,000 sq. ft.)

Small Purchase Waiver
A requisition that is less than the small purchase limit but greater than or equal to $10,000, must include documentation demonstrating competition from multiple vendors. If the University of Illinois System does not receive multiple quotes, documentation demonstrating the reasons why must be submitted along with the purchase requisition for the purchase using the Small Purchase Waiver form.

Sole Source
Purchases when a requirement is available from only a single supplier or when only one supplier is deemed economically feasible.
Sole Source Form

Soybean Ink/Prevailing Wage Statement
In accordance with Section 45-15 (Soybean Oil Based Ink and Vegetable Oil-Based Ink) of the Illinois Procurement Code, offset printing services offered to the University shall specify the use of soybean oil-based ink unless a State Purchasing Officer determines that another type of ink is required to assure high quality and reasonable pricing of the printed product. In accordance with Section 25-60 (Prevailing Wage Requirements) of the Illinois Procurement Code, all printing services offered to the University shall be performed by employees receiving the prevailing wage rate and working under conditions prevalent in the locality where the contract is to be performed. Soybean Ink & Prevailing Wage Statement

A description of a good or service to enable bidders to know precisely what is being purchased and to assist the end-user in defining or describing their requirements.

State Procurement Officer
Person appointed by any of the chief procurement officers to exercise the procurement authority created by the Illinois Procurement Code or by rule. The SPOs work in close conjunction with purchasing staff to meet the needs of the State agencies and universities.

Terms and Conditions
Standard boilerplate language that includes standard clauses and rules which apply to formally solicited bids and offers that may become incorporated into the final contract.

An actual or potential supplier of goods and/or services.