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Small Purchase Threshold Limits
The small purchase limits for procurements under the authority of the CPO for Higher Education are set by statute as modified by 44 Ill. Admin. Code 4.2020: - Supplies & Services: not exceeding $100,000 - Construction: not exceeding $100,000 - Professional and Artistic Services: not exceeding $100,000 (term must not exceed one year and may not be renewed) - Architect / Engineering / Land Surveying: less than $25,000 - Real Property and Capital Improvement Leases: less than $100,000 (per year and must also be less than 10,000 sq. ft.)

Small Purchase Waiver
A requisition that is less than the small purchase limit but greater than or equal to $10,000, must include documentation demonstrating competition from multiple vendors. If the University of Illinois System does not receive multiple quotes, documentation demonstrating the reasons why must be submitted along with the purchase requisition for the purchase using the Small Purchase Waiver form.

Sole Source
Purchases when a requirement is available from only a single supplier or when only one supplier is deemed economically feasible.
Sole Source Form

Soybean Ink/Prevailing Wage Statement
In accordance with Section 45-15 (Soybean Oil Based Ink and Vegetable Oil-Based Ink) of the Illinois Procurement Code, offset printing services offered to the University shall specify the use of soybean oil-based ink unless a State Purchasing Officer determines that another type of ink is required to assure high quality and reasonable pricing of the printed product. In accordance with Section 25-60 (Prevailing Wage Requirements) of the Illinois Procurement Code, all printing services offered to the University shall be performed by employees receiving the prevailing wage rate and working under conditions prevalent in the locality where the contract is to be performed. Soybean Ink & Prevailing Wage Statement

A description of a good or service to enable bidders to know precisely what is being purchased and to assist the end-user in defining or describing their requirements.

State Procurement Officer
Person appointed by any of the chief procurement officers to exercise the procurement authority created by the Illinois Procurement Code or by rule. The SPOs work in close conjunction with purchasing staff to meet the needs of the State agencies and universities.