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There are currently 4 terms in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Orders renewed on an annual basis.

Request for Proposal (RFP)
This term is used when you have a concept with a set of specifications or needs for consideration. A formal method of solicitation where prospective suppliers are requested to submit a proposal for the provision of goods, works, or services, based on the specifications, scope of work, or terms of reference included in the solicitation documents. Normally used in cases where the requirements are complex; cannot be clearly or completely specified, where detailed technical evaluations are to be performed, and/or where pricing or cost may not be the sole basis of award. Price is not the main factor for award. It will be issued by Purchasing and posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Higher Education website. To start a solicitation fill out the following form:
UIUC Solicitation Information Form

Formal requests submitted by departments for supplies, equipment, or services. It is not an order and is not valid off campus.

University staff responsible for obtaining quote documentation and entering requisition in procurement system.