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Technical Testing and Facility Use

Technical Testing and Facility Use

Technical Testing Agreements (TTA) and Facility Use Agreements (FUA) – Formerly processed by Sponsored Programs Administration

Technical testing is a specific service by which the University uses unique University equipment or facilities to test provided materials/items and deliver results without interpretation or analysis.

Facilities Use Agreements (FUA) for scientific spaces and equipment only (not general campus space rental) set forth the terms under which the University will provide permission for a third party to use specific University facilities, equipment and resources for research and development purposes. Examples of Facility Use: Use of research lab, use of specialized equipment or computers.

For more information, see also:

Policy 22.3 Management and Accounting for Facility Use Agreements (FUAs) and Technical Testing Agreements (TTAs)

Technical Testing Services Agreements (TTAs) and Facility Use Agreements (FUAs) | Sponsored Programs Administration (