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Relocation Services for Household Goods and University Equipment

The Policy for Relocation Assistance can be found on the Office of Business and Financial Services Page here.

Relocation of Household Goods

The University has entered into an agreement with Federal Warehouse Company to offer discounted rates and general operating terms to employees (the rates herein are available to new, current and retired employees of the University of Illinois) for relocation services. Each employee will be responsible for entering into their own agreement with Federal Warehouse Company.
The use of Federal Warehouse Company for household good moves is not a requirement for employees. If an employee chooses to use an alternate company for their move, the employee must work with their department to establish University payment thresholds. Employees will be responsible for entering into their own agreements and payment schedules with the alternate moving company. Please note, if an alternate moving company is used the employee will be responsible for paying the moving expenses and requesting reimbursement through University Payables’ Chrome River system

Using the Contracted Moving Vendor

Pre-Move Estimate
Federal Warehouse Company shall provide a guaranteed “not-to-exceed” price for INTERSTATE relocations only. The “not-to-exceed” price does not include Storage-In-Transit, pick-up or delivery to or from Storage-In-Transit, or any other services not specifically identified on the estimate but required in order to make delivery. The shipment will be weighed and charges will be invoiced (or collected, if applicable) on the lower of the total charges as calculated using the actual weight, or the guaranteed “not-to-exceed” price. You may follow the link to complete a request for a quote or reach out directly to one of the contacts listed below.

Federal Warehouse Company Contact List for Relocation Services for the University of Illinois Campuses:

  • Primary Contact:
    James McNeely, General Manager
    Federal Companies
    401 W. Kenyon Rd
    Champaign, IL 61820
    Local: 217-352-5123, ext. 4025
    Toll Free: 800-728-5123
    General Manager Cell Phone: 217-390-9034
    Fax: 217-352-4411
  • Secondary Contact:
    Char Damery, Office Manager
    Phone: 217-429-4131

How to Use Federal Warehouse Company for Employee Relocation (Authorization Letter):

  1. The Department downloads a copy of the Relocation Template Letter and fills in the blanks. The letter is signed by the Department Dean or Director and emailed to James McNeely at Federal Warehouse and those listed on the bottom of the Relocation Template Letter are copied on the email, including the employee who is relocating.
  2. In order to utilize the University of Illinois discount with Federal Companies, you must contact James McNeely at the Champaign location. Otherwise, the discounts will not apply. The Federal Companies will work to coordinate the details with the employee and handle the logistics and planning.
  3. The move occurs and a final invoice is submitted to the Department for review. The department will work with Chrome River and provide the required documentation to pay the invoice.
  4. For questions or contact information on Chrome River see: (

Relocation of University Equipment (i.e. Laboratory, Office, etc.)
In the event Facilities and Services (F&S) cannot meet department requirements for local office and laboratory moves, Federal Warehouse Company has offered discounted rates for these same services.
The relocation of University equipment requires the issuance of a Purchase Order by a member of the Purchasing and Contract Management Office. If using Federal Warehouse Company, the Department must submit a requisition and quotation to the Purchasing and Contract Management Office. If you have decided to utilize a Vendor other than Federal Warehouse Company, a Certificate of Insurance must be obtained meeting the minimum insurance requirements.
In the event Federal Warehouse Company provides relocation of University Equipment, it is the department’s responsibility to contact the University Office of Risk Management for transit insurance.