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Cancels and Replaces (“C/R”)

Cancels and Replaces (“C/R”)

A cancel and replace requisition is required when a previous purchase order needs to be closed/cancelled due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may be caused by a vendor ID change, BP address modification, FOAPAL changes, and many more. Regardless of the need for the cancel & replace requisition, the department will need to follow the below procedure in order to get a new purchase order.

Departments will need to work directly with Payables to ensure the purchase order(s) are in good order to close (i.e., invoice status, etc.) and then submit a service request to have the purchase order(s) closed. Additional documentation or proof of the request to close the old purchase order for the C/R requisition will no longer be required.

Departments should use the following best practices to ensure a smooth cancel and replace process:

  1. Once the department realizes a purchase order should be replaced, it should immediately notify its supplier to stop invoicing against it. 
  2. The department should work with Payables to remove any on-hold or incomplete/header invoices from the old purchase order. 
  3. Once all invoices have been removed, the department should submit a service request to have the purchase order closed on the next feeder run.
  4. Departments must submit their C/R requisition with the following information to avoid possible requisition returns:
    1. The external Notes & Attachments section should include “Cancels and replaces PXXXXXXX”.
    2. Any invoices that accompany the new purchase order. 
    3. An internal note outlining the reason behind the C/R requisition.

If there are any questions regarding the cancel and replace process, please contact