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If you require a modification to your purchase order please submit your request through the following link.

To check the status of your change order, please click here to see your Ticket Requests.


In iBuy, click orders in the task bar and hit search. Click All Orders or you can narrow your search by clicking: Requisitions, Purchase Orders, or Invoices. NOTE: By default, your search results will include orders with a create date in the last 90 days.

Per the Illinois Procurement Code:

(30 ILCS 500/20-80) https://ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/documents/003005000K20-80.htm

(d) Timely execution of contracts. Except as set forth in subsection (b) of this Section, no voucher shall be submitted to the Comptroller for a warrant to be drawn for the payment of money from the State treasury or from other funds held by the State Treasurer on account of any contract unless the contract is reduced to writing before the services are performed and filed with the Comptroller.

When emailing the vendor, email out both the purchase order and attachments associated with the purchase (all documents with a Document Type of “VENDOR” in BDM). This will ensure the vendor receives the purchase order as well as any associated documents pertaining to the purchase.

Email PO Documentation

A Delegate from the Purchasing Office will sign on behalf of the Comptroller. The signed quote will be part of the completed Purchase Order.

It is recommended you consult with Risk Management and refer to Section 6 of the OBFS policy regarding insurance at this link: https://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/bfpp/section-6-insurance/

The Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles box located just above the Certificate Holder box should state: The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois is additional insured.
If the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois is listed as the Certificate Holder, be sure to include: Certificate Holder is included as additional insured in the Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles box.

You cannot change the Vendor ID once a purchase order has been completed. If the original Vendor ID has been terminated, you should submit a service desk ticket for a Vendor ID Change.  In the ticket, you will need to provide the correct vendor id number and a brief explanation of what has happened requiring the number to be changed.

If you chose the incorrect Vendor ID on the original requisition (Vendor ID was not terminated), please submit a cancel/replace requisition in Banner using the correct Vendor ID.

When making a partial deposit payment, please make sure there is a separate line item for the deposit on the requisition. If a deposit is required, you do not need to change the payment terms of the purchase order. Payables will pay the deposit if a line item is included on the purchase order with a special payment request form submitted from the department.

As with any Banner requisition, email quote, SPQW and other supporting documents to UIUC Purchasing. Include RUSH in the subject line, a written justification for the transaction, as well as a brief description for the rush in the email.

First, ask yourself – is it really an emergency? The State defines an emergency as “A situation involving public health, public safety, or cases where immediate expenditure is necessary for repairs to State property to protect against further loss or damage, to prevent or minimize serious disruption in State services, or to ensure the integrity of State records” Emergency conditions may result from fires, explosions, adverse weather conditions, or epidemic conditions. They may also result from untimely breakdown, damage, or loss of equipment vital to the maintenance of health or safety standards. In true emergency situations, the Illinois Procurement Code provides that purchasing procedures, including bidding requirements, may be waived if it becomes important for an emergency transaction to be completed within a certain time. If you need to make a purchase that is truly an emergency, you may submit your requisition after the service is performed or the purchase is made. Emergencies are not non-conforming, as long as you notify Purchasing no later than five business days after an emergency purchase has been made.

For more information on non-conforming orders, please see here.

Departments should always obtain a Purchase Order for Goods or Services prior to receiving such. Obtaining Goods and Services without the issuance of an official Purchase Order may place the University/Department in direct violation of State Procurement Laws.

Multiple quotes are required for purchases of $10,000 or more. Three quotes are needed. In some cases where it is not possible to obtain multiple quotes, justification must be provided within the iBuy form or a small purchase quote waiver for Banner requisitions may be submitted.  Obtaining multiple quotes is the preferred process.

No. Each new requisition for a printing purchase requires that the vendor complete & sign a new set of statements. Statements cannot be reused from past purchases with the vendor.

Please submit at least 3 total quotes, including selected vendor quote. This means Purchasing needs a quote from the selected vendor, plus two additional vendor quotes.

In iBuy, type the requisition number in the Search field in the top right-hand corner of the page and press enter. Click the requisition number to open it. Review the Status field under the General section. If it shows Pending and Purchasing Department, the requisition has been routed to the Purchasing Division. The assigned buyer’s name is in parentheses after Purchasing Department. If the Status field shows Pending and Purchasing Department but no buyer’s name, the requisition has not been assigned.

In Banner, FPIREQN go to the commodity page. Go to the tools gear icon in the upper right corner. Click on Commodity Supplemental Information, the assigned buyer will be shown.

The time it takes to process your requisition depends on the nature of the items/services you are procuring as well as the cost. Not all acquisitions of goods and services require identical procedural steps.


Only the University Comptroller or his/her approved delegates have authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University of Illinois.

A contract can be required for a variety of reasons including but not limited to a multi-year term, level of risk, and amount of contract. Purchasing can help you determine when a contract is necessary to mitigate any risks to your department.

Using Federal Funding

The federal source selection form is required for purchases of $25,000 or more that are made using federal funds. The form is signed/dated by the department. It should be sent to Purchasing along with the other needed supporting documents.


It depends on the request. Times and dates vary based on the exception request. However, if you have an immediate need for payment, please reach out Marette Crosby, gmkelley@uillinois.edu, and be sure to list the urgency for the review of request and why.

Please send an email to Purchasing’s main email urbanapurchasing@uillinois.edu. with the purchase order number. An Operations staff member will be in touch to go over the receiving report process.

The Department needs to submit a UPS CampusShip New User Request via the service desk.

System Requirements

The department can generate a copy of the PO in iBuy by entering the PO number then selecting Print Fax Version in the upper right-hand menu for the PO. From there, you can save a PDF copy, as well as the attachments, and send it to the vendor directly.

If the vendor email on iBuy is incorrect or needs updating OR if the vendor did not receive the PO, the vendor may need to provide an updated vendor form to vendor maintenance to get that information corrected.

Requisitions need to be routed to purchasing if your request requires any of the items below:

  • Any Purchase requiring an Authorized Signature.
  • Any Vendor Terms and Conditions different from the U of I Terms and Conditions.
  • Rental Agreements.
  • Any Vendor Contract or Agreement that goes with the order that would need reviewed.
  • Any shipment that goes through Customs.
  • Telecommunications Equipment.
  • Weapons and Ammunition.
  • Furniture.
  • Charter Air or Bus Service.
  • Lab or Specialty Gases.
  • Laboratory or Office Moving (External Vendor).
  • Onsite Services.
  • High Power Lasers.
  • Non-Denatured Ethyl Alcohol.

All items which are not a cancels and replaces order should be entered into iBuy.


A sole source justification form is utilized when the price of a supply or service exceeds the bid limit, $100,000, and only one vendor is capable of providing the specifications as requested.
A source selection & price justification form is needed when a supply or service funded by a federal grant, contract or cooperative agreement is of $25,000 or more.

Yes, when over $100,000. If you believe that only one Vendor can provide the needed goods or services, you will need to submit a complete Sole Source Justification Form and any supporting materials to the Purchasing and Contract Management Office. Please see the training videos for additional information.

A formal solicitation process means that Purchasing will need to conduct a competitive solicitation either in the form of an Invitation for Bids (IFB), Request for Proposals (RFP) or Sole Source process for the purchase of commodities and/or services that are $100,000 or more.


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