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University of Illinois WebStore

The University of Illinois WebStore is the primary software distribution source for the University of Illinois, offering over 350 software titles for purchase or download. Your first choice should be to check if the software is available through the WebStore. This option does not require a purchase order or review by Purchasing.

Software Purchasing Decision Tree
  • Webstore (if not available or not able to be acquired then…)
  • Is it available through one of the authorized resellers with whom we have a solicitation for purchase? (see below) (if not then…)
  • Can you purchase with P-Card? (see Software Purchases with a P-Card or Electronic Services Purchases with a P-Card)(if not, then…)
  • Complete Purchase Requisition Form, with the question regarding terms and contracts marked as “Yes” and include all applicable information such as a quote and all terms/agreements to Purchasing to be reviewed with your  iBuy requisition.

Note: If a Software License Agreement (SLA), End User License Agreement (EULA), or any other terms and conditions (including “click-through” terms) are required for your use of the software or electronic service, Purchasing must review these terms prior to purchase. For P-Card purchases, a P-Card exception must be requested, and terms/agreement provided; iBuy requisitions must use “Purchase Requisition form” with the question regarding terms marked “Yes” and attach terms/agreement.


Software (downloaded or packaged) may be purchased with a P-Card if the following conditions are met:

  • No non-public University of Illinois System data will be shared with a third party as a result of running the software; e.g., Social Security Numbers, credit/debit card data, health/medical data, or student data will not be shared as a result of using the software.
  • The software will not be embedded into new intellectual property unless the software license grants the right to do so.
  • The software will not be utilized by an employee with a known disability or students in a classroom or computer lab.
  • Software Purchased by P-Card form is completed.

Electronic Services

“Electronic services” refers to Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is developed and hosted by its vendor; the customer accesses the software over the Internet. Unlike packaged applications installed on the customer’s computer or server, the SaaS vendor owns the software and runs it on its own data center computers. The customer has no ownership of the software but effectively ‘rents’ it, usually for a monthly fee.  Electronic services may be purchased with a P-Card if the following conditions are met:

  • No data considered sensitive or highly sensitive resides on a third-party provider’s server. This means, no personally identifiable information about an individual is stored on the vendor’s site and no confidential information is used within the site, including student information (e.g., grades, advising notes or other academic records).
  • No critical business function(s) is dependent upon the electronic service (e.g., a unit’s core operations will not suffer if the vendor closes down suddenly without warning).
  • No vendor is granting itself a license to use University of Illinois System data located in its data center.
  • The electronic services will not be utilized by an employee with a known disability or students.
  • Electronic Services Purchased by P-Card form is completed.
Contracted Resellers

Per RFP RM071017, departments have access to purchase Software and Software Related Services through the following resellers:

  • CDW Government LLC (Punchout Catalog available in iBuy)
    • Vendor Contact: Julie Kriedemann
    • Phone: 708-567-4823
    • Email:
  • Dell Marketing, L.P. (Punchout Catalog available in iBuy)
    • Vendor Contact: Dave Muehling
    • Phone: 224-430-1126
    • Email:
  • Digital Information Services LLC, DBA Computer Intelligence Association (Punchout Catalog not available in iBuy)
  • Pace Systems Inc. (Punchout Catalog not available in iBuy)
  • SHI International Corporation (Punchout Catalog not available in iBuy)


Quotes obtained from the above listed resellers should reference the University’s RFP RM071017 and be submitted along with your iBuy requisition.

Purchasing Software and Electronic Services with P-Card

Software and electronic services for which the total cost is less than or equal to $4,999 are restricted purchases as identified in OBFS Policies and Procedures 7.6 – The University Purchasing Card (P-Card). Software and electronic services less than or equal to $4,999 may be purchased with a P-Card if certain requirements are met and the required forms are filed in the unit as back-up documentation for the purchase. Software and electronic services that do not meet the requirements must be purchased by submitting a requisition to Purchasing.

iBuy Requisition submitted to Purchasing

Because of the additional review required for these purchases, it is important to begin the procurement process early for your iBuy purchase of software or electronic services. Steps for submitting an iBuy requisition for software or electronic services purchase:

  1. Create requisition, and submit to Purchasing with the following supporting documentation, if applicable:
    • Quote
    • SLA, EULA, Terms of Use, all other terms and conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Support/Maintenance Agreement
    • Include the answers to the following questions: What does the software do? How is it used and by whom? Is this on-premise or cloud based? Will students be required to use this software?
  2. Your requisition will be assigned to a buyer in Purchasing, who will contact you with any additional questions regarding the purchase.